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Marketing Services

incite specialise in getting your sales executives in front of customers. However, before we start calling your prospects, we will work with you to make sure that your target audience is defined, a clean contact database is in place, and the messaging is defined to ensure that you get the maximum return possible.

Lead/Demand Generation

Once you’ve got the target audience and the messaging defined, the next step is to generate leads. With vast experience of working with major IT and Telecoms solution and service providers, incite is ideally placed to execute both small and large lead generation campaigns to identify marketing and sales leads using telemarketing as the primary tactic.

We’ll always seek to work with you to integrate other tactics if appropriate – unlike most other agencies incite recognise that other marketing activities DO impact on the outcome of lead generation and can significantly increase your return on investment, and have carefully developed relationships with our partners, including email broadcasters and digital marketing agencies, to that end.

The benefits of our systematic approach to B2B lead generation are both tangible and quantifiable.

  • We develop strong, lasting relationships with our clients.
  • Provision of quality sales leads and appointments that deliver substantial return on investment.
  • Develop a pipeline of longer-term marketing leads to support sales pipeline generation.
  • And, to limit your risk, we’ll start with an agreed pilot before embarking on a sustained programme of activities.

Database Brokerage

If you’re looking for senior contacts, such as CxO’s, department heads, managers or Directors, there’s a good chance the database you need is available for off-the-shelf purchase from a data broker.

Whether you need a list based on straightforward demographics or more hard to come by information, such as the use of certain IT products, incite almost certainly have the relationships with database owners to find the data you need quickly.

Additionally, if you’re sourcing data to support a campaign you’re running with us, we are typically able to offer reduced pricing by splitting our agency discounts with you.

Database Cleansing / Key Account Profiling

Whether you have an existing database (e.g. from an event, web downloads, etc), or simply a wish list of accounts that you want to get in to, incite can help you to ensure that your database contains the right profile of target accounts, contacts and contact information before picking up the phone, laying the foundation for a successful campaign.

From the use of automated tools for contact email account verification, to desk-based research to identify the appropriate target companies and contacts, to primary research to validate the database, incite ensure that your database contains the right targets to support your broader database marketing objectives.

Lead Nurturing

Depending on the proposition and the target market, incite typically sets meetings or identifies sales leads with 10-20% of your target market, and qualifies out 25-40%. That leaves 45-50% of your prospects requiring follow up calls and emails.

Managing these marketing leads proves far more cost effective than cold calling over time. incite typically achieves a 20-30% higher sales lead/appointment rate by managing these leads through telemarketing than with cold calling alone.

Event Support

We all know that the effectiveness of events is largely determined by what you do in the weeks and days before, as well as afterwards.

From calling to invite and register contacts to your event 4-8 weeks prior to the date, to placing confirmation calls in the days preceding to minimise dropouts, to following up afterwards to qualify those contacts you didn’t manage to speak with personally, incite will ensure that your investment in planning and executing your event is matched with the best possible return.

Research and Surveys

Whether you’re looking to generate new business or cross and up sell to your existing client base, you need sound business intelligence to inform you of the state of the market and the perception your customers hold of you.

Using incite’s telemarketing services to uncover quantitative and qualitative information from your customers is a personal and efficient way to carry out such research. We can run surveys you’ve prepared, or work with you to develop bespoke solutions to capture the information you need, feeding it back in the format you need. If required, we can also analyse the results and make recommendations as to future go-to-market strategies based on our findings.

E-mail Broadcast & Tracking

Focusing lead generation calls on prospects who have read an appropriately targeted email, or, even better, completed a call to action contained within, typically delivers an uplift in lead rates of up to 20%.

The approach to email broadcasts supporting lead generation is very different when compared to other objectives, such as creating brand awareness. As part of the campaign briefing and setup process, incite can advise you on the best strategies, particularly in the subject line, to ensure those prospects most likely to be interested in your proposition respond to the campaign.

incite can either complete broadcasts for you at additional cost, or you can deliver them using your preferred application or provider and supply us with the results.

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