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Channel Services

If the success of your business is dependent on the management of channel partners, resellers and distributors, your relationship with them is of paramount importance.

incite has experience of managing complex channel focused marketing campaigns, to develop relationships with your partners, support them with services designed to help them drive revenues for them (and in turn for you), and ensure that you gain the intelligence you need to ensure that your partner marketing spend delivers a return on investment.

Business Partner Recruitment

First and foremost, ensuring that you develop relationships with value added resellers, managed service providers and distributors that have the right skills profile and motivation to take your products to market is key.

By combining our skills for database enrichment, key account profiling and telemarketing / lead generation, incite can help you by booking appointments to get your partner account management team in front of the right people in prospective partners to commence new relationships that drive value to your business.

End User Lead Generation

Once you’ve laid the foundations of a fruitful partnership, kick starting the partner’s sales and marketing activities to provide them with opportunities they can engage with is key. Whether that’s through lead generation and appointment setting with end-users, event support (with attendee generation, pre-event confirmation calling or post-event follow up), incite will ensure that your partners are supported with quality, qualified opportunities to help grow their business and yours.

If required, leads can be allocated to specific partners, nurtured and tracked to ensure the maximum return from lead generation programs.

Lead Nurturing

Perhaps even more important than with direct sales operations, lead nurturing ensures that you maximise marketing spend with partners by ensuring that no opportunity identified is missed. By combining marketing leads from multiple partners' campaigns, whilst maintaining allocation, significant value can be gleaned from past campaigns by managing call backs and requests for information.

Using our online CRM system we can schedule call backs from multiple campaigns in block of lead nurturing and requalification calls, as our team have the breadth of experience to quickly switch between propositions, on an almost call-by-call basis.

Partner Pipeline Management

Visibility of pipeline from partner focused campaigns is essential. It ensures that partners are selling the right products and managing their leads, whilst giving you an indication of which partners are using the funding you provide them effectively.

Using our online CRM solution, incite collates updates on leads from your partners to provide updates on leads, including forecast revenues, so you can track their performance. We manage this process for them by calling to chase for feedback from both partner and prospect after agreed next action dates and project milestones are reached, we provide snapshot reports on progress, and re-qualify leads that are qualified out to aid with win/loss analysis.

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